Destroying Evil Altars

A Spiritual Warfare Ministry For Women Battleing On The Frontline! 

What is an Evil Altar?

An evil altar is a place where many evil things are projected into people’s lives, such as infirmities, curses, and failures, among other things.

Evil Altars are the rooms of powers of the enchanters and diviners and also a place where the wicked consult their gods.

What you don’t know about Evil Altars

  • Evil altars are set up as an habitation of the drinker of blood and eaters of flesh.
  • It is a place where blood is shed.
  • It can hinder the family’s progress.
  • It is a place of wickedness.
  • It is a place where destinies are summoned.
  • It is a gateway for satanic attacks.
  • Evil altars give demons access to your foundation.
  • It is a place where the destiny of a person is turned to shame.
  • evil altars can be an avenue where they programmed untimely death, sickness, poverty, disappointments, stagnation, begging, sorrow, etc.

This dynamic ministry welcomes a group of diverse women from all around the globe who have experienced severe blows ranging from rejection, sexual abuse, domestic violence, drug addiction, alcoholism, and all kinds of brokenness. Having overcome that in her own life, Pastor Janice Batista is best known for her viral videos on YouTube, especially “Witchcraft in the church’ and delivered from Santeria. “


what makes us different

Our Women's Ministry

Destroying Evil Altars (DEA) is an eye-opening online prophetic spiritual warfare ministry founded by Pastora Janice Batista. Her heavenly assignment is to help distressed women facing spiritual warfare Attacks, tear down the strongholds in their lives impacted by Witchcraft, Church hurt, And Dysfunctional family issues.

Our Vision

Is to provide women worldwide with the essential tools and resources they need to walk right into their destinies, such as monthly mentorship, counseling, and access to our School of Prophets Academy. Our ultimate goal is to equip these women with the biblical power they need to transform into mighty warriors in God’s army.


Our Misson

Our mission is to use our bilingual music, radio, and ministry platforms to open healthy discussion opportunities that assist women who no longer wish to be victims of false religions, witchcraft, and satanic roadblocks affecting their destinies.” We are determined to help them break free from the pressures of this decaying world, false belief systems, and any form of witchcraft & generational trauma attempting to manipulate their destinies through evil altars.

Guided by divine revelation, we understand our calling is not only to uproot and tear down the strongholds of darkness but also to build up and edify the women of this generation. Join us as we build an influential women’s ministry that transcends the confines of traditional church walls, reaching far beyond geographical boundaries to touch the lives of women everywhere. Together, we are forming a global hub for empowered women who are not only conquerors of spiritual battles but also catalysts for positive change in the world.”

My Powerful Testimony!

Here’s a glimpse into my past, where I was once a broken little girl from Brooklyn New York, full of dreams, unaware of the challenges that would lay ahead. I’ve been hurt, used, rejected, and tossed aside like I didn’t even matter to those I’ve loved most. Like many of you, I’ve faced my fair share of trials –like losing my mother at 6 months old and being forced to survive in the New York City Foster care and Group home system. But through it all, one thing remained constant my unwavering faith in God.

Little did I know that the difficult moments in my life that I faced during my teenage pregnancy and my domestic violence years would be the survival guide to shape me into the woman I am today – resilient, determined, and fiercely passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. Through the pain and struggles I’ve endured, I’ve discovered my God-given gift – the ability to bounce back from every setback, stronger and more determined than ever before. It’s a gift I believe was bestowed upon me for a purpose and time such as this – to inspire and uplift everyday women worldwide who understand the struggle of being the black sheep due to our prophetic insights and desire to break generational curses by living out our faith and standing by our truth.

The enemy know’s 

She was Called & Anointed For This!

“I’ve been happily married for almost 20 years now and have homeschooled all three of our children right through high school. I’m also a very hardworking and dedicated woman of God, working for both the Lord through our DEA ministry and our local church Basileia Ministries. Additionally, I work in the hospitality industry with Marriott. I’m living proof that nothing can stop you from finding happiness after difficult moments in life!”


 The years I spent in the Santeria religion allows allow me to use my voice to advocate for spiritual change and establish the will of God in the hearts of women worldwide! 

My Traditional Puerto Rican and Peruvian heritage taught me how to stand up and navigate my Catholic upbringing and embarrass my passion for Christian Ministry. 

Hey Family Come Join me this sunday!

Hey Family, Join us this Sunday for our English services led by the incredible Pastor, Prophet  & Psalmist, Pastora Janice Batista! ✨ She’s calling on our vibrant community to come and receive a powerful message of salvation and biblical knowledge.

Expect to dive into deeper prophetic revelations that will strengthen your spiritual armor in her dynamic services! Come ready to celebrate together and enjoy a worship experience that will uplift your soul.

Ladies Bring your friends, family, and anyone seeking spiritual growth—let’s make this Sunday a celebration of faith and unity!  See you there! Get ready for an unforgettable experience at Basilea Ministries!

When: Every Sunday  Time: 2:30 PM 📍 Where: 

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