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If so, I’m seeking to connect with women just like you who are seeking a deeper relationship and a closer walk with God. I’m Pastora Janice Batista, and for the past 16 years in ministry, my sustained efforts and perseverance position our ministry to stand out with a foundation built on sacred authenticity. While other ministries are out chasing fame through overnight success, targeted numbers, and social media clout, My team and I focus on what truly matters: Real women with real stories desiring a legitimate life-changing deliverance. Earning the genuine respect and trust of the women I’ve served has positioned me as a pioneer who has been the heart and soul of an authentic spiritual warfare deliverance ministry. If you are looking for a ministry that’s going to sharpen your iron through true spiritual care, weekly prayer, and fasting, you belong here with us. We’re here to walk with you through your toughest battles, providing real support and mentorship that goes beyond the surface.” I’ve been where you are right now, looking for a place to grow my faith and gain spiritual maturity. This mentorship program at Destroying Evil Altars is designed to be a safe haven where women like you can grow spiritually without the pressure of self-promotion. It’s a place where genuine care and spiritual guidance take center stage, making a lasting impact on every life we touch. If you give me the opportunity to mentor you, you will see I’m more than a pastor; I’m a sister, friend, and true leader who inspires others with my down-to-earth approach and unwavering faith. My relatable style and genuine concern for kingdom women make me a Pastor everyone wants to connect with. While others try to imitate the legacy and ideas of our DEA ministry, Destroying Evil Altars is unmatched in its authenticity and effectiveness. This ministry’s legacy is built on the realest transformation stories through the glorious power of Jesus Christ. Proving that true ministry success is only found through the lives we touch and not those targeted tactics other mentorships use to promote themselves and obtain targeted media coverage. God has placed this mentorship in my heart so that I can help women like you feel more confident, safe, and secure. God has seen your tears and your struggles, and I’m here to help you because You deserve a mentor who’s authentic and original, one who can hear from God and doesn’t have to copy others to push God’s ministry forward. One who will support you every step of the way and not use the ministry of God to boast about their own ego built on self-worship and a condescending attitude. 

Monthly Mentorship $15 a month

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What’s Included As An Alpha Squad Member?

Join and gain access to all of these perks For Just $15.00 A Month!

  • Monthly Bible Study
  • 24-Hour Prayer Wall of Consecration
  • Prophetic Impartations 
  • Motivational Text Messages
  • Weekly Group Fasting 
  • Access to private DEA Facebook Group
  • Access to our DEA Community Chat
  • Weekly Prayer & Fasting Support
  • Bonus Video Calls With Girl Chats & Q&A
  • Access To Our Prayer War-room
  • FAST FOR THEM (New Weekly Fast for Moms) 
  • Plus, You’ll Receive Our DEA DELUXE Welcome Package: 
  • DEA Weekly Worksheets 
  • DEA E-books
  • Starter Pack With DEA Resources
  • Extra DEA Perks You Will Receive: 
  • Our Monthly DEA Meeting Schedule  
  • One-on-One Support
  • Video Content that is exclusive to this community only
  • Newsletter & Devotional E-Mails  
  • Exclusive Perks Only Available For You: 
  • A Monthly Master Class
  • Exclusive Discounts On DEA Master Classes & Courses 
  • Daily & Weekly Encouragement

     Oh Wait There’s More……..

  • Gain Instant access to over 107 bundle courses For Free!
  • Gain Access to our Monthly Giveaways 

$15.00 A Month Unlocks All Of The Resources Above!


Who's this for?

  • You feel spiritually stuck
  • You lack confidence in your spiritual walk 
  • You desire a peace of mind
  • You desire for God to open doors for you
  • You desire to grow your faith
  • You desire to know the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • You want to be ready for the rapture 
  • You’re overwhelmed with stress and problems 
  • You feel defeated by the enemy
  • You need help building your spiritual identity
  • You need help finding your purpose
  • You need accountability
  • You need help to heal your broken heart
  • You have a hard time trusting others
  • You have no friends 
  • You feel rejected by family and friends 
  • You are the black sheep
  • You desire to understand the Bible 
  • You desire to do God’s will 
  • You desire a Godly marriage 
  • You need help finding a job
  • You desire financial breakthroughs
  • You are single, divorced, or married
  • You’re a Church Leader or a Pastor 
  • You’re unable to pray by yourself
  • You need weekly Fasting Support
  • You can’t seem to stay consistent
  • You lost a loved one
  • You are dealing with sickness and diseases 
  • You’re always condemning yourself 
  • You’re struggling financially
  • Your breaking generational curses 
  • Your overcoming your past
  • Your dealing with court cases
  • you struggling with your marriage 
  • Your dealing with domestic violence 
  • Your dealing with church hurt 
  • Your dealing with spiritual warfare attacks 
  • You find yourself isolated 
  • You have a hard time surrendering 
  • Your husband and kids are not saved
  • You need help with your family’s salvation
  • You easily get discouraged
  • You desire complete deliverance 
  • You can’t sleep, eat, or exercise well 
  • You desire a good foundation
  • You are ready to surrender and be transformed by God

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One-on-One Coaching Call


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