Final Assessment Results

Final Assessment Results


Based on your responses to our Spiritual Warfare Survey, it is evident that you are at a crucial moment in your spiritual journey. Through careful analysis, it is clear that you would greatly benefit from specialized spiritual warfare training to overcome the enemy, Gain spiritual strategies, kingdom intelligence, and biblical principles.

1. Symptoms and Indicators: Awareness of Spiritual Battles: Your survey responses indicate a keen awareness of the spiritual battles surrounding you. This awareness reflects your understanding of the unseen realm and the potential impact it can have on your daily life and spiritual growth.

2. Desire for Overcoming: Your expressed desire to overcome the enemy signifies a deep longing for victory in your spiritual battles. This aspiration demonstrates your readiness to equip yourself with the necessary tools and knowledge to counter and triumph over the forces opposing you.

3. Seeking Spiritual Strategies: Your survey responses reveal a strong inclination towards acquiring spiritual strategies. You recognize the need for specialized training to develop effective approaches and techniques for engaging in spiritual warfare according to biblical principles.

4. Hunger for Kingdom Intelligence: Your expressed hunger for kingdom intelligence showcases a desire to gain profound insights into the ways of the spiritual realm. This hunger indicates a thirst for deeper understanding and wisdom to navigate the spiritual battles you encounter.

5. Commitment to Biblical Principles: Your participation in the survey highlights your commitment to living by biblical principles. By seeking spiritual warfare training, you demonstrate your dedication to aligning your actions, thoughts, and beliefs with the timeless wisdom found within the Scriptures.

Exclusive Offer: Unlock Your Spiritual Warfare Potential!


Congratulations on completing our Spiritual Warfare Survey! As a Special Thank Gift, You will receive a Complimentary One Month- Membership. Yes! One Free month of Spiritual Warfare Training. This special offer will allow you to experience firsthand the expert guidance and support we offer women worldwide to navigate and conquer spiritual battles.


Here's what's included as a member:


  • Exclusive Weekly Video Courses: Gain access to weekly video courses led by me, your spiritual warfare expert. These courses will delve into various aspects of spiritual warfare, equipping you with practical strategies and insights to navigate and overcome spiritual battles.


  • Motivational Text Messages: Receive regular motivational text messages that provide inspiration, encouragement, and reminders to stay focused on your spiritual warfare journey. These messages will uplift your spirits and keep you motivated to press on.


  • Weekly Group Fasting: Join a supportive community of like-minded women in our weekly group fasting sessions. Fasting has been recognized as a powerful spiritual discipline, and together, we will amplify its impact on our spiritual warfare development.


  • Access to Private DEA Facebook Group: Connect with fellow members in our private Facebook group, where you can engage in meaningful discussions, seek guidance, and share experiences. This community will provide you with a nurturing and empowering environment. Access to DEA Community Chat: Engage in real-time conversations and receive immediate support in our exclusive DEA community chat. Connect with members around the world, share prayer requests, and receive encouragement from other spiritual warriors like yourself.


  • Exclusive Discounts on Master Classes & Courses: As a valued member, you'll enjoy exclusive discounts on our premium master classes and courses. Deepen your knowledge and expand your spiritual warfare toolkit with these transformative resources.


  • Weekly Prayer & Fasting Support: Receive dedicated prayer and fasting support as part of our membership. Our team of prayer warriors will intercede on your behalf, providing spiritual covering and guidance during your warfare journey.


  • Video Content Exclusive to the Community: Unlock access to a treasure trove of video content that is available exclusively to our membership community. Delve deeper into spiritual warfare concepts and gain valuable insights from these specialized videos.


  • Newsletters and daily devotionals with Spiritual Encouragement: Stay inspired and informed with our regular newsletters and daily devotionals, filled with spiritual encouragement, uplifting stories, and practical tips for your spiritual growth.


  • Bonus video calls with girl chats & Q & A's : Participate in exclusive bonus video calls where you can engage in lively girl chats, ask questions, and receive personalized guidance directly from me. These interactive sessions will further enhance your spiritual warfare journey.


  • Access to monthly giveaways: As a member, you'll have the opportunity to participate in our monthly giveaways, where you can win exciting spiritual resources, books, and tools to further empower you in your spiritual warfare development.


  • Access to Our Prayer War-Room: Step into our dedicated prayer war-room, where you can find a sanctuary for focused prayer, spiritual reflection, and communion with God. Experience the power of collective prayer as we stand together in battle.

Free for 30 days then $25.00 for each month
Kingdom Counseling
One-on-One Coaching Call
One-on-One Coaching Call


Thank you for considering booking a 45-minute session with me. I am here to offer a listening ear and support, without any judgment, no matter what challenges you may be facing. As someone who is open-minded and talkative, I have been able to help many individuals overcome various obstacles over the past 20 years. I assure you that you will not be disappointed with our session.

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