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A Ministry Moving Women


Pastora Janice Batista is such a blessed & anointed woman of God. For the past 15 years in ministry, the Lord has continued showing off and blessings her in abundance. 

Her mission has always been to help women worldwide overcome any spiritual obstacles causing them to hurt and pain. She’s a powerhouse for women needing love, compassion & spiritual healing. 

Her primary focus has always been,” Lord, these women need help protecting their prophetic gifts” Help me & expand my territories so we can release the enemy’s strongholds and efforts to ruin and even end their lives.

” She has dedicated a great deal of her time and resources toward sustaining the Lord’s work financially through her finances and wonderful people like you, who have a heart for women in ministry.

If you feel in your heart to support this ministry through your financial contributions, It can be done with just a few clicks. 

You are welcome to contribute any amount, according to your ability and the extent to which our good Lord has blessed you. 

Remember, God promises us valuable rewards through our generosity in the life to come. 

Thank you, and may God bless you abundantly.

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How to Make Tithing a Priority


Tithing is more of a heart issue than a financial one. If you’re struggling with the idea of tithing or giving, spend some time asking God to give you wisdom around the topic and show you ways that you can help others or even just be more generous. Even if giving doesn’t come naturally, prayer can help soften our hearts and refocus our intentions.

Monthly Budgeting

A monthly budget forces you to really pay attention to your money. So before the month begins, create your own budget so every dollar has a place to go (rent, groceries, utilities, saving, tithes & Offerings etc.). This is also the perfect time to make giving a priority for the month ahead of time. By immediately putting aside 10% of your income for tithing, you can plan better.  and decide if offerings is something you manage into your budget 

Consider Re-occurring Giving

We have gotten on board with more convenient ways to make giving easier.  We have set up ways for you to give online so you can avoid making weekly withdrawals and you can now easily set up automatic payments online with us, So you can have the freedom to know your giving every month with out a physical reminder.

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Kingdom Counseling
One-on-One Coaching Call
One-on-One Coaching Call


Thank you for considering booking a 45-minute session with me. I am here to offer a listening ear and support, without any judgment, no matter what challenges you may be facing. As someone who is open-minded and talkative, I have been able to help many individuals overcome various obstacles over the past 20 years. I assure you that you will not be disappointed with our session.

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