Foundations and Fundamentals

“Spiritual Warfare 101: Foundations and Fundamentals”

1.Why is Prayer so Important?

2.Religious spirits in the church

3.Give Up, Give In Or Give It Your ALL!

4.Protect your Spirt!

5.Can you stop being Angry!?

6.The call God has over your life!

7.It’s Not a Religion it’s a relationship!

8.Don’t be stressed out with your situation!

9.Be strong in the grace God has given you!

10.God Doesn’t demand your worship!

11.When things are falling apart!

12.Protect your Spirt!

13.The call God has over your life!

14.Don’t Give Up And Keep On Trying

15.Making People Happy

16.God has a plan for YOU!

17.Life goes on! Don’t Stay in your past!

18.When things are falling apart!

19.God will always provide!’s time To walk in your destiny!

21.What God thinks of you is much more important than others think!

22.Nothing in life is permeant, So Stay Humble!

23.Put aside your nasty attitude!

24.God will do great things

25.God’s Not Done with you! Stay Connected to the Vine!

26.Discovering your purpose!

27.God is sending you help!

28.Knowing your true Identity!

29.Heaven is Real

30.The Realest Humility!

31.Building your faith on his reputation

32.It’s time to get back up!

33.Your Doubt is stopping your miracle!

34.Expelling the wicked from church!

35.Understanding God’s ways!

36.Do you want power & authority?

37.Praise the God of peace!

38.Everything you have belongs to God!

39.Protecting your Anointing!

40.How to stop a narcissist!

41.Obeying the voice of god

42.Proclaiming your Faith!

43.Sacrifice for God’s glory!

44.Calm your Demons!

45.God’s Abundance is Flowing!

46.Keep your eyes focused in Jesus!

47.Register Now Destroying evil Altars!

48.Beware of False Anointing!

49.You’re chosen by God!

50.Overcoming negative thoughts!

51.Everything takes time!

52.Exposing the gospel industry & churches!

53.You are created to win!

54.Dont slip back into your old ways!

55.God Can Turn Your messed up Life Around!

56.Work with what you have!

57.Only God can decide if we worthy!

58.Starting over with what God gave YOU!

59.Running your crazy race with excellence

60.Why It Costs To Manifest Your Purpose

61.Understanding monitoring spirits

62.Whats truly Stopping your growth!

63.Dealing with satanic co-workers

64.God called us to be in battleship type churches not cruise ships!

65.Overcoming church hurt for revival!

66.How to Bounce Back 5 Tips to help you get your swag back

67.Whats truly Stopping your growth!

68.How to Bounce Back 5 Tips to help you get your swag back

69.Don’t slip back into your old ways!

70.Dealing with ungrateful people

71.When others don’t appreciate you

72.Remorse is more than just an I’m sorry!

73.Forgiveness God’s way!

74.Are you forgiving others?

75.Get to know the wolves

76.Power over your Emotions! | Pastora Janice Batista

77.Forgiveness prevents them from destroying your heart!

78.Life goes on! Don’t stay in your past!

79.Should I forgive them after everything they’ve done???

80.Can God heal the Broken Hearted?

81.Don’t let No one Bring you Down!

82.Family Issues!

83.The Struggles of parenting

84.Don’t let people Hurt You

85.Life goes on! Don’t Stay in your past!

86.Forgiveness prevents them from destroying your heart!

87.Place your family before the throne of God!

88.Family Issues!

89.Place your family before the throne of God!

90.Don’t let your enemies Fool You!

91.Surround your self with people who make you better!

92.The Games Family Play!

93.Do you and let your light SHINE!

94.Dealing with folks that bring drama and waste your energy!

95.Fake Friends & Broken relationships

96.Rock with your Family!

97.When the enemy wants to try you!

98.Pray for your spiritless enemies! New Giveaway

99.Are you forgiving others?

100.Don’t become another one of their casualties!

101.Reject Rejection!


Foundations and Fundamentals

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