Navagating The Spiritual Realm

“Spiritual Discernment Bundle: Navigating the Spiritual Realm” 107 Videos


37 videos focused on growing your spiritual discernment  

1.Having a good heart can be a blessing and a curse!

2.Don’t lose your Essence!

3.Don’t be afraid to start over!

4.What’s truly stopping your growth!

5.Breaking The Cycle Of CHAOS

6.Unleashed from your mistakes!

7.How to organize your life!

8.Preparing for the END-Times!

9.Your Doubt is stopping your miracle!

10.why the enemy loves to attack!

11.The more they oppress you, the greater your anointing will be!

12.God is doing something New

13.Running your crazy race with excellence

14.Starting over with what God gave YOU!

15.God Can Turn Your messed up Life Around

16.Shake off the dust from your feet!

17.Proclaiming your Faith!

18.Lead by example!

19.Changing your limitations!

20.Why people Can’t Pray!

21.God will fight for you and Swallow your Enemies

22.The Realest Humility!

23.Correct Motives

24.Don’t Judge Your Situation

25.Don’t count yourself out

26.God’s hand is on you! Part 1

27.God’s hand is on you! Part 2

28.Walking Through The Fire!

29.God is taking you out the pit!!!!

30.Ministering Blessed, Blind, & Broken!

31.Let go of what you can’t control

32.Crowned For Success

33.How To Gain Favor With The Lord

34.Listen Like Jesus!

35.Becoming a Different Person!

36.The Dangers of Tarot Cards In the Church!

37.Do i have what it takes?


Spiritual Warfare Strategies!

1.Spiritual Warfare Strategies Revealed!

2.Spiritual Warfare Against Your Financial Breakthrough

3.How to gain your strength back after spiritual attacks

4.Would you like Spiritual Warfare Training?

5.Demons That Attack at Night!

6.Spiritual Warfare Against Your Financial Breakthrough

7.How to Destroy Evil Alters!

8.Breaking Generational Curses! Idolatry + Rejection + Poverty

9.Breaking Generational curses!

10.Building a Steadfast Heart ❤️

11.Exposing Global Satanic Agendas!

12.Satanic Hearts In The Kingdom!

13.Seducing spirits in the church

14.Powerful Warfare Prayer Night! Against Witchcraft

15.How God Deals With Your Enemies while your Under Spiritual Attacks!

16.Flipping Tables with violent faith!

17.Exposing The Korah Spirit in the Church! + That rise up against the Church, Pastor’s & Prophets!

18.Breaking Free From Demonic Captivity!

19.Counting The Cost

The Dangers of Witchcraft 

1.How to Break-Free From Witchcraft Santeria and Voodoo!

2.Witchcraft in the Church! How to Spot a Witch Or Warlock

3.Witchcraft sent sickness injected into your dreams!

4.How Witchcraft is destroying churches in America! + Pastor’s and faithful Wolves!

5.Why witches love to judge Our Appearance!

6.How to kill a WITCH Before she kills YOU!

7.Why Demonic Videos Games & Witchcraft Will Kill You!

8.why witches and warlocks hate humility but love pride!

9.Why witches love to judge Our Appearance!

10.How to deal with Witches in your Church! + Destroying Evil Altars + Spiritual Warfare Ministry

11.Watch out Witches are on the loose!

12.Witchcraft Candies! Toys & gifts! Protect yourself against Witchcraft gift 🎁 destroying your kids!

13.How I Spot witches and warlocks

14.Can Witches Love God?

15.Destroying Sickness from witchcraft

16.Signs you’re under witchcraft!

17.Reasons why you shouldn’t fellowship with Witches in the Church!

18.What Happens when witches and warlocks try to stop you

19.How To Identify a witch pastors on the Pulpit!

20.Your Witch is defeated!

21.EXPOSING Deceiving Spirits


23.Can a witch get you kicked out of your own church?

24.Defeating your Mother-In-Law’s Witchcraft

25.Disappointing Outcomes! Warfare Power Prayers Against Witchcraft!

26.It’s Time to demolish those strong holds!

Church Discernment

1.Fake Preachers Casting Out Demons!

2.The lying prophet

3.Exposing Praise witches in the church!

4.Tipsy Pastors!

5.Overcoming church hurt for revival!

6.Confront your church fears!

7.It’s time to walk out of churches!

7.What to do if your Church is Celebrating Halloween

8.Why the beef between Pastor’s and their Flocks!

9.Exposing the gospel industry & churches!

10.Why people don’t go to church!

11.Jealousy & Rage against Church Leadership & Authority!

12.Protecting your Anointing!

13.The church don’t need your crumbs!

14.Serving Ain’t Biblical

15.When you Bully the Minister

16.The stubborn Christian!!

17.Expelling the wicked from church

18.Speaking bad about your Pastors!

19.Pushed away from the church!

 20.Dealing with Unbelief & Ignorance Of False Prophets!!

21.How Wolves Destroy the Church

22.Hypocrites In the Temple + Spiritual Warfare Ministry + Destroying Witchcraft

23.Surviving church hurt & Leaving the Church

24.Preaching Magicians in the Church

25.What Godly Preachers Should look like!


Navagating The Spiritual Realm

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